Prime Research and Advisory Limited

Imagine being confident about the financial decisions you make. Sounds crazy right? We know. Financial planning and investing with us couldn't get easier. We do it for you!

Whether you want to invest on your own online, get a little help from our advisers or rely on our In-house advice, we have everything you need at one place. Our goal is to provide a clear, complete, pleasant end to end investing experience, howsoever you choose to Invest.

That means we do what we believe is right for you.

Asset Management & providing treasury solutions to the corporate is our niche, since we have been working in the institutional environment for the past 25 years, and with the exquisite experience our team possesses, who have handled large corporate treasuries single-handedly they are able to provide customized , one to one personal notations to a corporate advisory. Already having advised few of the largest corporate treasuries in India, we are poised to become one of the largest players in the corporate treasury segment, as an advisor.

investment advisory solutions

Importance of Treasury Solutions

Professional Expertise: Returns mount through if you have professionals looking after your investment portfolios on an everyday basis.
Evaluation: Objectives provide direction, evaluation provides healthier solutions.
Diversification: If you put all your eggs in one basket, please look after the basket.
Real-time monitoring: Monitoring & potential access to vitally important information when it is most valuable.
Execution: It's not about timing the market, but about the time in the market
Tax Planning: Bona fide Tax planning provides better tax-adjusted returns.

Our Advisory also caters to Pension funds on direct equity, debt, buying and selling of bonds, SDL's and Govt securities, to ensure a safe & balanced portfolio for their entire firm. Large Pension funds have dealt with our team in the past, and our experienced team has the capability to serve these funds with utmost integrity & outstanding performance.